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Great Practice!
by posted 04/14/2021

Great first practice!  Here are a couple takeaways and discussion points for your sons:

1.  Great job listening while taking a knee and freezing when being told to freeze!  My voice and throat greatly appreciate this.

2.  Since we can't practice as much as we want to as a team, here are some things that will help when practicing in the back yard: 

  • First, a Tee isn't just for Tee Ball.  Even the pros work out with a Tee.   Working on batting position (where to place feet, how close to stand to the plate, etc) can be practiced with a Tee.  Taking full, powerful swings off the Tee at your local field is a great workout.  So if you don't own a decent Tee, not a bad investment for batting practice at home!
  • Pre-bat routine:  I'm a big believer in doing it the same way everytime.  So if your son doesn't have a routine yet, encourage this mantra that I teach at practice - BAT CHECK (Place the barrel tip down to the far side of the plate, ensuring the meat of the bat is over the plate.  FEET (now set your feet based on where the bat is placed).  HANDS (draw the bat back so your hands are back in a comfortable position, ready to swing).  Say it with them:  Bat Check-Feet-Hands!  
  • Whiffle Ball - Throw pitches to them as much as possible  Reinforce the set up (bullet 2) and timing.
  • Playing catch - As many grounders and fly balls as possible.  Most of the kids need to recalibrate their timing for a pop fly.  First steps should be backwards, until the distance of the fly ball can be gauged, then charge forward as necesary.
  • Throwing - Hard, accurate throwing.  We never just lob the ball.  We throw with purpose, at the receiver's chest.  

3.  Practice is currently scheduled for next tuesday at 4:30pm, MRA 1.  

4.  Equipment - If your son wants to be a catcher, ensure he is wearing a cup.  No cup, no catching.  Also, batting gloves are a great idea, hands get slippery with sweat in the warmer days and we want to keep everyone safe.  


All for now, have a great weekend and see you next week.



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Go White Sox!
by posted 04/13/2021

Hi everyone, my name is Mike McCarron, and along with Joe Malone we will be the coaches for your son's PLL baseball team this spring.  The warm weather is coming, the grass is already growing and baseball is about to be in full swing.  Our first game is less than 2 weeks away so it's important that we get together asap!  First a couple of announcements: 

1.  Safety - Please ensure your Son has a mask or a gaiter and encourage him to wear it at all times, but especially when we are in close contact with each other.  You will hear me yelling "mask please" if I see a player with his mask down and he is nearby another person.  Youth sports are under a tremendous amount of scrutiny right now, let's keep the spotlight off of us and ensure we are in compliance with the league, local and state guidance.   The league provides us with a single set of catching equipment.  Feel free to bring your own, but I will provide some Clorox wipes to sanitize the catcher's mask between catchers.  Additionally, if your Son wants to play catcher, please ensure he's wearing a cup!  (It's not a bad idea for other positions as well).

2.  FUN! - Our goal, first and foremost, is to have fun!  My goal as the coach is to ensure everyone has fun and to learn as much as possible about the game of baseball during these pivotal years.  He may strike out or drop the fly ball, but if he gave 100% effort you will never see a coach get upset.  Attitude is everything!  The coaches expect max effort at all times, your son will never be faulted as long as the effort was there.

3. Practice Tomorrow!  I know this is short notice but we will have our first practice TOMORROW, April 14th, at 4:30pm at EMERSON until about 6:00pm.  Next week is school vacation and I know some families are going to be away, but I wanted to make sure we get together a couple of times before our first game on Saturday, April 24th.  

4.  Additional Coaching help needed - If you have the time, please consider volunteering to help at practices and games.  3+ coaches at practice is ideal.  We can only have 3 coaches during the game, so we will also need one more to assist during games with the bench, base coaching, etc.   Shoot me a call, text or email if you can help out.

5.  Team manager/Team Mom - A team manager to assist in organizing some of the fun stuff.  Team gift bags, team get togethers, etc.  If you have the time, please consider volunteering. 

6.  Courtesies - When we ask the kids to take a knee, this means it's time for the coaches to speak and the kids to listen. Please reinforce this and encourage this habit with your son.  Also, if you can't make it to a practice or a game, please shoot me or Coach Joe a text, call or email to let me know. Thanks!

7.  Going forward - We are hoping to have practices Tuesday nights going forward, with the hopes of practicing next Tuesday, April 20, but that is to be determined, stay tuned.  Games will be Thursday and Saturdays.  For schedule info please check the PLL website and hover-drill down to:  Teams/Choose a team/2021 Spring/American League/White Sox

8. Uniforms - Not sure yet, as soon as I have info I'll pass it along

9.  Helpful links:  

Plymouth Little League:  https://www.leagueathletics.com/Schedule.asp?org=plymouthlittleleague.com

MRA Fields (1-4.  Field 1 is closest to State Rd. Field 4 is the furthest back):  1197 State Rd, Plymouth, MA


Emerson Little League Field: 48 White Horse Rd., Plymouth, MA 


SportsSignUp Play App - This is a handy app to have on your cell phone. It provides a quick access to the schedule, roster and contacts.  

10.  Contact the coach - Please freel free to contact me or Coach Joe at the email or call/text at the numbers below:

Mike McCarron - 617-290-3168 / ma.mccarron@gmail.com

Joe Malone - 339-221-3753


That's a ton of information! I promise my future emails will not be as long!  I'm looking forward to meeting all of you tomorrow at Emerson.  Go White Sox!


Mike McCarron


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